Most teams – both Management and employee teams / departments – consists of people with different preferences, knowledge, experience, goals, wishes and needs.

My workshops aim at increasing team cohesion and personal or professional expertise, everything with the focus on creating better results through better communication and cooperation

When making a workshop together with me you can typically expect to:

  • Increase your individual skills (professional, personal and/or managerial)
  • Get a common theoretical/practical framework to work and communicate from
  • Get a greater understanding of each other’s preferences, strengths and/or development areas
  • Be asked to make individual preparation and follow up on learnings
  • Receive and give feedback from/to each other
  • Set goals for what you wish to improve in practice

Working with Team Development, I typically work with feedback culture, communication and collaboration and conflict management.

When working with development of Management Teams, I typically use the Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTi) personality tool. The tool gives you a structured way in which to getting to know your own preferences and understand each others preferences in life. You will learn to understand, handle and inspire each other using your different preferences and learn how to use your preference to strengthen the way you work to increase own and team performance.

Change Workshops

Working with creating concrete changes takes time, focus and support. That’s why I always make a change process of at least 3 workshops with approx. 4 weeks apart. At the end of the first workshop, you agree what specific actions you will take individually and as a group to achieve the desired changes.

At the following 2 workshops we look at the goals, the challenges you’ve met on the way and what you can adjust to achieve success, both individually and as a team.


  • Team Development
  • Communication – How to Improve
  • Team Values
  • Feedback – The art of growing with your colleagues
  • Improving Cooperation – Improving relations by understanding each others preferences
  • Conflicts – How to handle and mimize
  • Stress – How to manage and how to prevent
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership based Coaching
  • Situational leadership


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  • ScionDTU
  • YouSee
  • National Oilwell Vargo
  • Chr. Hansen