I provide advice, sparring and facilitation processes, within leadership, team and organizational development in order to help you creating better results through:

  • Focusing of the orientation of the organization
  • Sharpening of your personal leadership
  • Effective, motivated employees and
  • Well-run, high-performing teams

Read below about what I offer to you as manager, to your team and to your organization.

Our Leadership development processes focuses on increasing the competences of you and your management team in order for you to even better:

  • Create a vision that creates meaning and emotional commitment in the team and organization
  • Set relevant, ambitious goals that require optimal performance and action
  • Create frameworks and directions that inspire innovation and unfolds potential
  • Develop the individual and the team to ensure better results and sustainable organizational development
  • Communicate in a way that makes the individual feel seen, heard and understood.


Most teams - both management teams and departments - is populated by people with individually different preferences, knowledge, experience, goals, wishes and needs.

Team development focuses on enhancing team performance and coherence through greater knowledge of your own and others' preferences, values and behaviors and knowledge about how you use that diversity to the benefit of the team and organization.


We work with designing and implementing organizational culture change processes in which meeting business understanding and customer needs is in essential.

Based on your Vision, Mission, Values and Business Strategy, we work on breaking down organizational silos through the implementation of a customer-oriented culture, where all employees know how they contribute to a good customer experience and thus to business growth