Who am I?

My name is Henrik Kragelund Jansson

I help managers, teams and organizations create better results.I do this through assisting managers strengthen their leadership and organizations creating active, motivated employees and well-run teams.

Below you can read more about how.

I have chosen to be development consultant because I am passionate about working with people’s development and ability to achieve their own and common goals. One of my strongest motivational factors has always been to get teams to achieve excellent results through teamwork

What do I offer?

I offer coaching, workshops and development processes, to you, your team and your organization. The processes are always based on your strategy and task and are always adapted to your needs while supporting your goals, as well as the goals of the team and the organization. I do this through the three services below:

During the 6 months we worked to implement more customer focus in our business unit with 8 managers and 50 employees in 6 departments, we increased revenue by 25% and created 20% greater customer and employee satisfaction.

As facilitator and my personal advisor, Henrik was inspiring, targeted and empathetic. He has a natural authority and credibility and creates a “confidential space” that made a good and safe atmosphere for all participants in the change process.

Henrik found a good balance between ensuring continuity and showing perseverance to keep focus on the goal ensuring a seemless implementation.

Lasse Bohart, Business Director Dansk Kabel TV

“Henrik is one of the most dedicated, thorough, and customer centric trainers and coaches with whom I have ever collaborated. His facilitation style is very effective and his trainings can be applied directly into daily life.

The training provided for Top and Line Management was directly linked to improving our Leadership skills learning Leadership Based Coaching. We were challenged through real practice sessions with concrete feedback. This has led to better results through more engaged and focused employees.

Natalya Khmeleva, Talent Attraction Manager, Novo Nordisk BACIS

“I’ve improved significantly at working purposefully with tasks, reducing and streamlining my time for administration, and being more aware of prioritizing sleep in everyday life as a means of higher performance.

The goal of coaching was to get better performance in everyday life through an optimized work-life balance. I got competent active sparring with the focus on creating changes in my behavior to achieve a number of goals both in working life and in private life. “

Martin Stenfeldt, Innovationschef, Scion DTU