Our world is constantly changing. New products, new competitors, new legislation, customer needs, new technology, etc., require development and implementation of new strategies if you as an organization want to maintain or expand your position.

In a globalized world, organizations in all industries must be manoeuvrable and dynamic. It requires change in the structures, processes, competence, leadership and culture.

Change come from within. That’s why change needs to start from within. Only when you have helped people think differently, they will do things differently. Then and only then is it fair to claim that the organizational strategy has been realized.

To ensure successful change, the following five elements need to be addressed in connection with analysis, planning and implementation:

  • Why should we change? The answer lies in the difference between the current situation and the strategy demands.
  • What is the goal? What does it look like when the change is completed? How can we measure progress?
  • What should change? Are there structures (IT, departments or the like), processes, leadership, competencies or behavior / culture?
  • How do we want to change in what step and at what pace?
  • Who is affected how? How do we involve and build commitment and acceptance at the individual?

Good change management supports individuals in their reactions and helps them deal with them, rather than trying to prevent, downplay or ignore them. It is therefore necessary that you as a leader are capable of understanding and handling the many different reaction patterns and to support employees in actively working for the changes.

In collaboration with my partners, I offer analysis, planning and implementation of organizational change initiatives.


MANAGEMENT AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS & ASSESSMENT – What characterices a leader or a talent in your organization? We perform assessment programs maping the company’s managers and talents on values, as well as professional, business and management skills and potentials in relation to your definition of best practice within a given field. If you do not have the best practice proficiency profiles in place, we support you in defining these.
BEST PRACTICE COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT – Development of high performance culture in specific academic areas / departments such as Project Management, Sales and Specialist Functions. We set up performance goals and competency profiles for Best Performance and design development programs for the target audience, which includes individual development, learning groups and theme workshops.
RETAINING CUSTOMER ORIENTATION – We design development programs that ensure your team, functional area and organization as a whole work customer focused where the individual employee is aware of what value he or she creates for the customers. The gain is fewer errors, more streamlined processes in all parts of your internal value chain, increased collaboration and business focus, thereby increasing customer and employee satisfaction and ultimately creating better results.
STRENGTHENING SALES ORGANIZATION – We make assessments of the sales organization’s structures, management power, measurement systems, competencies, processes and culture, and design and implement development programs with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and profitability over time.
MENTORING – A program where we help you introduce mentoring, in order to strengthen the management power and corporate culture of the organization while increasing the ability to maintain talent and experienced executives.


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