Sometimes an organization may need to set a new common direction to meet customer needs or other expectations. And it takes more than people with great technical expertise to create a successful business. It also requires a clear, desirable, common culture, clear roles and responsibilities, clear goals and a common language to make everyone work in the same direction, creating good results.

In a development process, I help you setting directions, giving managers tools to set the right framework for employees, to make everyone feel ownership and expereince, that they themselves do a difference for the colleagues and the company.

Such a development process is custom designed for you and will be rooted in your strategy. We will typically switch between workshops for managers, employees and the entire organization, where goals are set, problems are reversed and solutions and tools are introduced and periods between the workshops in which you work to create the changes in your everyday life. In this way, you lift the organization by lifting yourself and each other.

Case: Danish Cable TV

In connection with the implementation of business unit change process, I have used Henrik Jansson as interim consultant, facillitator and as personal sparring partner.

The business for which I assumed responsibility had a mediocre budget that was challenged for repayment, falling customer numbers and employee satisfaction. It was a B2C ISP business, whose primary focus was the installation and operation of broadband solutions for the housing company sector in DK. Employee force referred to Sales, Marketing, Project, Technology, Customer Service and Support consisting of 40-50 employees during the process. The heading of the course was Manager and employee training focusing on sales culture and the resulting effects (efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction)

Henrik was very listening and good at explaining and posing challenging questions. Based on meetings, the concept / delivery was adapted to our specific needs and delivered and reviewed to agreed deadlines.

The result of the process was that Henrik was selected from a field of 3 possible partners for the task. The process of buy in from the management team proceeded positively with Henrik participating in the dialogue.

The process was based on modules of workshops physically in the company, with participation of all employees and external workshops. Before each module Henrik and I discussed the specific program in order to make relevant adjustments depending on what was needed at the specific moment in time. As facilitator, I experienced Henrik as inspirational, with great precense and focused on the goal. Henrik places great demands on himself and his surroundings, which is expressed through a natural authority and credibility, while at the same time balancing the “confidential space”, creating a good and safe atmosphere to ensure development.

Between the modules, Henrik and I met to ensure focus on the progress of the tasks / training elements that the organization was to work on between modules, as well as to ensure personal sparring on the challenges that I manage to support the change process. Henrik ensured a good balance between ensuring continuity / persistence on the way towards the goal and ensuring that the challenges matched the everyday context of the company.

Based upon our cooperation I experienced Henrik as being:

  • Focused on the goal
  • Ambitious
  • Credible
  • Empathic

Lasse Bohart, Business Manager, Danish Cable TV