Some of the most important prerequisites for a team to perform at a consistent high level over time are that:

  • There are clearly defined motivational and achievable goals
  • There is a common acceptance of the framework and a clear division of roles
  • That we agree on how we work together (values ​​at work)
  • We are skilled at talking and listening to each other and tuning expectations continuously
  • We know and understand each other’s talents, motivation and needs, can see the value in diversity and know how we use that knowledge to inspire and complement each other, thus solving our tasks faster and better.

I support you in creating a well-functioning, high-performance team by ensuring that the above is in place.

All team development processes aim at supporting you in creating the necessary changes in your daily working life.

During workshops you will have the opportunity to train, reflect and discuss what works for you and what is difficult. You will also set realistic, measurable goals that help you implement the things that make a real change in the way you work together as a team.

In between workshops you will have the chance of implementing what you set out to do.


Below is a selection of the services I offer you as a team:

TEAM VALUES – CREATE A COMMON CULTURE – A 1 day workshop where you clarify common values ​​of your team through reflection, conversation and group work. At the end of the day, you have made your cultural rules which to play by when it comes to working together. A follow up workshop will be conducted after approx. 4 weeks, where we discuss successes and challenges implementing the values as well as how to continue the process.
BETTER COMMUNICATION THROUGH QUESTIONING is a process where we work actively practicing your ability to pay attention to and understand each other’s signals as well as your ability to ask questions and listen to each other with the right attitude. During the first day, I will give you the definitions and prerequisites for good cooperation and good communication. You actively practice your questions and listen techniques and develop common rules for good communication as well as make individual action plans that we follow up on during the course of the process. The process includes 3 workshops; 1 full day and 2 half days over a 4 week period.
FEEDBACK is one day’s intensive training in providing constructive feedback. I will provide you with the theoretical framework and you practice giving each other feedback and reflect on challenges as well as set goals for improvements. After approx. 4 weeks a workshop of 2 – 3 hours will be conducted. At this workshop we will follow up on the successes and challenges from giving feedback in daily life.
FROM GROUP TO HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM is a process with 4 full day workshops spread over 4 months. You will clarify your own personal preferences and look at how they affect your way of communicating, collaborating and dealing with conflicts and what you can do to improve this for your and team’s best. In connection with the process, you will take a Myers-Briggs Person Profile Test, which we actively use throughout the course. Throughout the 4 months you will identify things you want to do differently and make goals and action plans for those you work actively between the 4 workshops.
CONFLICT MANAGEMENT is a 1 day workshop with ½ day follow-up. On the first day, we will review what a conflict is, why they arise which conflict management styles exist, what positive and negative attributes they have as well as where they can be used with the greatest success. Each of you completes a test that clarifies your preferred conflict management styles (TKI test) and we talk about how the styles support and inhibit cooperation in your team. You will be given the opportunity to set goals on how to improve your conflict management style.
STRESS PREVENTION. Nearly every fifth employee is at risk of becoming sick or already are sick due to overload / stress. Allow your employees to take a stress test anonymously. They will send send the result to me. Then we conduct a 1 day workshop where we talk about stressors and how each of you can reduce stress levels and together improve the work environment in the department. Depending on needs, there will be conducted at least one half-day follow-up workshop. Also the manager of the team will be offered coaching on how best to support the individual and the team in preventing stress in everyday life.
INTRODUCTION TO TEAM DYNAMICS is a 1 day workshop where you will be introduced to team dynamics and using the Personal Type tool Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTi), gaining a deeper understanding of the personal preferences, wishes and needs of you and your colleagues, and what kind of dynamics it creates in your team. You will need to fill out an MBTi questionnaire that you want to work actively at the workshop before the workshop.
SALES TRAININGS AND CUSTOMER FOCUS WORKSHOPS. I offer a variety of workshops and more extensive development processes aimed at breaking down the taboos about dialogue with customers and enhancing the ability to communicate with customers in a way that creates better customer relationships, increased sales, increased employee satisfaction and larger employee involvement in sales and business development . Until now, I have run these processes for as diverse employee groups as customer service and technical engineers in the Tele industry, highly specialized professional consultants in the engineering industry and employees in the service sector.


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