If you look to strengthen your personal and professional leadership …

I offer a variety of workshops and courses focusing on developing your:

  • Communication, Feedback and Coaching skills
  • Ability to read and handle conflicts in a constructive way
  • Planning skills
  • Resource & Competence Assessment
  • Ability to read and adjust your leadership to motivate your employees

Emphasis is on active training in practical methods with direct feedback and dialogue. Your development needs and strengths become clear, you raise your level of competence and you get specific tools that you can use directly in leadership.

Workshops and courses are offered to management groups and as open courses.



This 3-day course focuses on strengthening your leadership through deeper insights into how your behavior impacts others and hands-on training in communicating, planning, resource assessment and motivating your employees.

With the intention that you achieve a specific, challenging task together as a team.

The goal of Leadership in Practice is that you as a leader:

  • can adapt your leadership behavior to a team and its members, ensuring motivation and commitment within the team
  • can leverage a team’s resources and skills, and
  • can work constructively with a team’s strengths and challenges

We work with the Myers-Briggs Type indicator as psychological framework for understanding your own and others’ behavior, as well as how you as a leader work constructively with different person types. As preparation for the course, you will be asked to complete an MBTi questionnaire that we review on the first day of the course.

On the second and third days of the course you work in specific training situations where your leadership behavior and team collaboration and performance are practiced, in a way that the connection between your leadership and the effect becomes clear.

You gain deeper psychological understanding of human behavior and concrete tools for your leadership.



You learn about conflict types and how to deal with them.

You learn about the 5 Conflict Management Styles, what is positive and negative about them, and when and how they can be used most successfully.

You establish your preferred Conflict Management Styles and get an understanding of how they respectively support and hamper collaboration with others. And we set out to discover when you how you can develop your ability to identify which conflict handling mode to use for best effect in a given situation. You will improve your competences in using the different Conflict Management Styles in a constructive way.

All workshops are based on Thomas Kilmann’s Instrument (TKI) theory of conflict styles.


Feedback workshops are focused on pinpointing individual development needs and goals and increase feedback competence through practical training. I offer 2 levels of workshops; BASIC and ADVANCED.

BASIC FEEDBACK is a full-day workshop introducing theory and method as well as practical training. We clarify what feedback is, when and how feedback should be given, and how to act when receiving feedback.

The training is based upon specially developed cases. You take turns to play the role of the one who gives respectively receives feedback. Sessions will be carried out as a blend between 2 & 2 sessions and group sessions.

At the end of the day you set up focus points focusing on what to develop and how to retain what you learned and appoint a partner who can help you continue your development.

ADVANCED FEEDBACK is for Management Teams that will use feedback to improve the individual performance level as well as the performance level of the leadership team.

You work with real life cases, giving each other concrete feedback on situations from your everyday life. This will be performed in group sessions for all to benefit. ADVANCED FEEDBACK is only for Management Teams which has a high level of trust and willingness to help each other improve your leadership.

ADVANCED FEEDBACK includes BASIC FEEDBACK and 2 half-day follow up workshops where you share experience from daily practice and fine tune competences.


Leadership Based Coaching is a intensive training program to increase your coaching competencies.

The program consists of 2 full day training followed by 2 half follow-up workshops after respectively 4 and 8 weeks.

We work actively with Leadership Based Coaching and your personal development areas within coaching.

As preparation for the 2 day your coaching competencies will be assessed through a combined Personality & Competency Test and a 2 hour individual feedback session.

The program has run successfully and has been used to train more than 60 managers and board members in an international company with employees from many countries / cultures.


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