Within Leadership Development I offer

INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, where we work with your specific dilemmas and challenges.
DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES FOR MANAGEMENT TEAMS, where we work to strengthen your cohesion and team performance through understanding of your own and others’ preferences, goals, wishes and needs.
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, where we work on improving your skills within specific topics, tools or methods, such as feedback, leadership-based coaching, situational leadership, stress management and prevention, etc.


Individual leadership development takes place through coaching, sparring and counseling based on specific goals and dilemmas from your daily life as a leader. To learn more about how it works and what topics I typically work with, click HERE


You will get updated knowledge on different subjects and improve your skills through training in specific management and communication tools.

The topics are:

LEADERSHIP-BASED COACHING – A 2-day intensive training program with prior competency test and individual feedback on development areas, as well as 2 half day follow-up sessions after approximately 4 and 8 weeks respectively. We work actively with Leadership-based coaching and your individual specific areas of development in relation to coaching. Can be implemented directly in the personal development goals.
FEEDBACK – A full day of intensive training where I give you the theoretical framework and you work to give feedback and reflect on challenges and set goals for improvement. A 3 hour follow-up session will be held after approx. 4 weeks.
MANAGEMENT AND STRESS – An all-day workshop on how to spot and handle your own stress, or your colleagues or your employees stress, as well as how you as a company can work with effective stress prevention.
CREATING VALUE IN THE EMPLOYEE TALKS – A full day workshop where you as a management team share best practices in creating value for the employee, the team, you as a leader and the organization through the employee talks.
SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP – A 2 day workshop with 2 half follow-up days. You are presented with the theory of situational leadership and actively working with models and tools in order to train how to get the best out of each employee by directing them from the individual’s competence and motivation.
APPRECIATIVE MANAGEMENT – A 2 days workshop where you will be presented with the theory of recognition management and trainer in how to apply a recognizing perspective in your management.


Development processes for management teams are designed individually depending on your situation (new group – established group) and challenges (new strategy, organizational challenges, clarification of roles or goals / KPIs, cooperation challenges).

All the processes start up by me sending a questionnaire to all managers in the team regarding what you see as the challenges of the team. Each of you will then return the completed questionnaire to me. From there, I organize the content and the process in close cooperation with the leader.

Typically, the development process will last for a period of 3 to 6 months and will include a mix of team workshops, individual coaching sessions with you as managers and implementation of the agreed change initiatives between the individual workshops.

If the topic is actual team building, the process will typically be more concentrated with a duration of between 2 – 4 days.

See below for 2 examples on predefined development processes.


A development process of 4 workshops spread over 3 – 6 months, where you work on both individual issues as well as team issues to create a more aligned management team.
You will clarify your own personal preferences and we will investigate how they affect your way of communicating, collaborating and dealing with conflicts, as well as what you can do individually and as a team to improve for the benefit of youself, the team and the organization .

The course includes:

  • A questionnaire, which each manager must fill in regarding matters that you think is important to work with in the management team to convey leadership power.
  • An individual MBTi test and subsequent individual feedback session
  • A full day workshop focusing on management and the results of the questionnaire
  • Three half-day workshops (themes are agreed upon on the basis of the results of the questionnaire).
  • 3 individual coaching sessions for each manager during the process to support individual development.


Embark with your management team on a journey where you during the cause of 3 days of hiking on Hallandsåsen in Skåne get peace, space and sparring to clarify and strengthen your personal leadership and look at how you can increase leadership and cohesion as a team.

Together with experienced coaches, you will be exploring who you are as people and leaders. You will find the core values that make sense to you – as human being and leader, and feel the link between mind, body and soul in a way you have not experienced before!

During the 3 days of hiking we will work with the following topics:

  • Core values and philosophies in Leadership
  • Robustness
  • Courage to be yourself – and to be together in openness
  • Responsibility and Ethics in Leadership


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