I can highly recommend Henrik to anyone who wants to develop their people an leaders.

I give my highest recommendations of Henrik. I have known him professionally for many years and always appreciated his professionalism, dedication, competence and not least his personality.
Most recently I hired and worked with Henrik and his team on developing and delivering an accelerated training program for newly graduated QA employees at a major pharmaceutical Company.
Henrik was responsible for the people development part of the program, which included, personal tests, personal development, communication, feed-back and conflict handling. It also included a faboulous 3 day hike where the participants would excercise their newly aquired skills.
Henrik was the architecht and delivery responsible for this whole part of the program, which was so succesful, that the client decided to roll out an abbreviated version to ALL new hires in the entire quality organization. A testament to Henriks great competence, high ambition and even higher ability to execute.